Short Hike to Lava Lake

September 5th, 2009

Beautiful Lava Lake in the Spanish Peaks

Rocky shore of Lava Lake (there are beaches too)The short and sweet hike to Lava Lake is a Classic around Bozeman. It’s just a little ways down Gallatin Canyon and for it’s modest 3 miles length it provides great mountain vistas. Plus it’s a lake, so fishing and swimming are options, which people always like. I hear in the right water level there is cliff jumping too, although I didn’t really see it. However, in the six years I’ve lived in Bozeman I had never hiked up to Lava Lake! This summer I fixed that. It’s a nice short (3 miles in) hike on good trail, the lake is bitchin, and if you hit it right the raspberries and thimbleberries are a delicious bonus.

Thimbleberries!Raspberries!Alpine wildlife enjoys sunning in the boulder fields

Looking back towards the mouth of Lava Lake

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