Bridger Bowl Point and Chute Ski Video Competition

April 2nd, 2009

I know this happened a while ago now, and I actually missed attending the public viewing back on the 21st of March, but I feel it’s worth mentioning: the Bridger Bowl “Point and Chute” 3-minute video competition! For the two months I had a camera (before breaking it) last season I though about entering this myself. I never did, but it’s cool to see the great entries every year. I’m particularly excited this year, because one of my long time ski buddies Steve was featured in one of the entries. The video was made by Bonfire Films, an up-and-coming (I hope?) little outfit here in Bozeman which makes some nice movies. As an aside, they also make some nice skis under the guise of Seneca Boards, which I’ll blog about more another time. Sadly I can’t embed videos from Bridger Bowl’s “Powderplex”, but here is the link:

Just Add Water: A short ski flim by Eric Newman and Steve Jay

The winner of the comp actually features very little skiing, and makes the terrain park seem like it’s actually an important part of Bridger (it’s not) but it’s nice so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

How It Ends: By Brosama Bin Ridin

My favorite, frankly, was the the “runner-up” (of sorts: “Best Powder Sequence”) which you can see here:

Keep It Real: by Powder Hounds

All of this years Point and Chute videos can be viewed here.

I just love how everyone is so stoked on skiing around here, and especially at Bridger Bowl. The vibe is great. I love our community ski hill!! Keep sendin’ everyone!

*Note: These crappy images are stills from Bonfire Film’sJust Add Water

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