March Madness - Bridger Style

March 10th, 2009

Me doing a little Hollywood send under Schlasmans

Bottomless landing off of HollywoodMarch is trying hard to make up for how shi-tay-tay January and February were, and it is awesome. I speak about these months purely in terms of how much snow fell on Bridger Bowl during them, which is the only meaningful metric of “good” and “bad” for winter months in my opinion. :) It worked out perfectly for me too: I only have a mid-week pass, and it dumped on Thursday and Friday, and then again Sunday night - just in time for Monday! Hooray for my flexible work schedule!

The Ohs living up their nameFace shots at Bridger BowlThis is love.

Schlasman has a very low capacity...It actually snowed somewhat early on Sunday, but it was nuking so hard that Patrol didn’t open the Ridge or Schlasmans, meaning it they were untouched on Monday. And when I say “untouched, that’s two feet of powder I’m referring to. Better yet, Monday dawned clear and sunny. They went for the fully Monty and opened both the Ridge and Schlasmans. 400+ acres of white-room powder under blue skies with a weekday crowd is a good way to start the week, let me tell you!!

Distant mountains over the inversion

These pictures - were not just from the first hour of the day. It was this deep and fresh all day. If Global Warming makes snow a memory tomorrow… I will be content with the memory of this one incredible, perfect day.

South Mundys BowlAnts on Saddle Peak, temping fateMundys is Swiss for "Endless Powder Bowl", I think

Old timey powder!

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4 Responses to “March Madness - Bridger Style”

  1. [...] read an enthusiastic report, check out Evan’s account at Check out the photo of the lift line for the new and slow Schlasmans lift. This is mid-week in [...]

  2. Hooray for flexible schedules! Keep skiing and keep taking photos.

  3. Unfortunately, the only “Swiss” language is Romansh, spoken by a whopping 35,000 people. In this languange, “Mundy’s” means “belonging to shepherds.”

  4. Nice guys. Glad to see your excitement about the season and it’s bounty. We’ll have to be good stewards of the Evil Temptress again next year and make sure she is farmed into submission again!

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