More Snowstorm Hawtness

March 6th, 2009

Looking North up the Bridger Ridge

Unfortunately, as I skied alone mostly the past two days and forgot my camera for one of them (today), I don’t have very good photo documentation of this Bridger pow-fest. But trust me - it was a good, old fashioned pow-fest. 17″+! Face shots, cliff hucks, the whole deal.

On Thursday (”day one”) the Ridge was open, but not Schlasmans. So I had a ball on the Ridge, skiing the Ohs, Colter’s Crawl, and Kniel’s. My first run however, on the Ridge, I came across a friend of mine who had lost his ski. So, before I had made more than two breathtaking powder turns I found myself digging in the snow for a lost ski. “No friends on a powder day”? Well, I did ski alone most of the day… but I helped look for his ski on my first run. I diiiid start to slid down the hill during my search, with the plan that if I didn’t find the ski below him I would bail. But LO, and BEHOLD, I found it! So we were back on our merry way in no time. The whole day kicked ass (even though I had a late start), and my last run I aired off of Stumps to round the whole thing out to near-perfection.

Bridger snowstormHucking BradlysThe pinch of Colters Crawl

Speaking of perfection… they opened Schlasman’s today (”day two”). Now, people have been complaining about the lift line over there when they do this “day after a powder day” opening thing. When they do this, everyone and their Mom (assuming she has a beacon) heads over there, and the lift line can climax to a hour long wait. Today, not being a weekend, it only maxed out at about 45mins, but still. That’s not how we roll in Montana. Our state and our ski areas are deserted. People ride up “single” on the six-person lift at Moonlight Basin all the time. So a lift line this long is extra-double heinous. But it eventually subsided to about a 20-25min wait, and the payoff is worth it.

Official Schlasman (slushman) Map

(BTW - this is the official Schlasman’s “map” they give out at the bottom of the lift now)

From when it opened at 10:30 until close at 2:30 I was able to find big swaths of untracked powder. Right up until close. Swaths. People will be getting first tracks here and there again tomorrow! That lift serves so much rad terrain, it’s unbelievable. I managed 8 runs, and every one was breathtaking. 1,700′ of vert each time. Steeps, chutes, trees, cliffs, you name it. This was actually the first time I’d skied Schlasmans on a bonafide powder day, and I was not disappointed. Plus, I was thinking about how many runs you get per hour when hiking the ridge, and even with a 30-40 minute lift line you are getting more action-packed vert per hour on the new lift than hiking the ridge. I had initially imagined that the new lift would just spread out people on the usual single powder day instead of concentrating them on two separate powder days… but I guess this works too.

Oh, and a big section of downtown Bozeman exploded because of a gas leak yesterday morning (Thursday, Mar 5th). It looks like only one person was killed… pretty good, considering the size of the destruction. Crazy. More here and here.

Bozeman Explosion!

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