Long Awaited Storm

February 27th, 2009

Deep tele turns on Dicks

After getting only two feet of snow (ish) in the past two months at Bridger, the dry spell has broken. Or at least, we’re getting a short reprieve. Either way, I’ll take it. Bridger Bowl received about two feet of snow in 48 hours (way better than 2 months!). And it was spic sweetness. The Cold Smoke is back! It even fell on a weekday, so I could shred it with my Midweek pass! The lift lines were long, as expected, but I still got four great laps on the Ridge: the Apron, two Ohs-to-Dicks, and fun line between Stupor Coulior and Two-Way Street that has a fun little drop at the bottom of it.

I hope this is a sign winter has started again? Please??

North Bowl after a stormA solid tele-digger on BradlysOur work here is done

The caterpillar up the Ridge

A favorite drop between Stupor Coulior and Two-Way Street

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