Renova Hot Springs

February 17th, 2009

The Jefferson River

This weekend the GF and I headed out to Portland, and along the way finally stopped in at Renova Hot Springs. It is the last of the free, public, undeveloped hot springs in my neck of the Montana woods. There are lots of Hot Springs around the Montana Rockies, but most are developed, or on private land, or deeep in the Yellowstone backcountry. Renova is a little stone pool right off of the road on the Jefferson River, south of Whitehall. It’s convenient that it’s right off of the road, but it’s not all that private or scenic. We got there at dusk, so my pictures didn’t turn out that well but it was nice watching night fall. The only hiccup in our fun detour was that we knocked of the rusty muffler on our car. But not serious harm was done.

The best guide I have found for Renova is in the guidebook: Touring Montana and Wyoming Hot Springs by Jeff Birkby- ( link)

West side of the Tobacco RootsRenova Hot Springs, near Whitehall, MontanaOops

Renova Hot Springs

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7 Responses to “Renova Hot Springs”

  1. We need more ski to springs tours!

  2. Are swimsuits required?

  3. Depends on the company you keep I suppose. It IS right by the road though, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it in the daylight.

  4. Hey Evan,

    Looking for some other good hikes/hotsprings/backcountry spots. Just stumbled upon your blog, very cool.


  5. Hey Sam, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t been keeping up this blog the last few years, but glad you found some helpful posts. Good luck on your hot spring search!

  6. Do you know any of the history about the Fort type structure further up the road?

  7. Sorry Shauna, no idea about that. :)

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