Blue Skies over Big Sky

February 9th, 2009

Lone Peak at Big Sky

This past week I’ve been kind of laid up after falling on the ice after the Skin to Win. And by “laid up” I mean all week it hurt to walk, stand, sit, lay, etc. That kind of laid up. But, I’m healing slowly and was going to go crazy if I didn’t get outdoors, so I headed to Big Sky this weekend. I’m a fanatical Bridger Bowl evangelist, but it’s nice to check out the other world-class ski areas around Bozeman once in a while. :)

Big Sky patrol shack on AndesiteWe're not at Bridger anymore...The Big Couloir, looking very big indeed

I don’t normally ski Big Sky not just because I love Bridger so much, and because I’m so spoiled I think an hour of driving is too much to go skiing, but because a day ticket is $78. And frankly, I don’t have that kind of money. You get a lot of good skiing on a ginormous mountain for that 78 bucks, but there would still have to be free beer to get me to shell out that much. As luck would have it though, right now I’m dating a Big Sky volunteer ski patroller! If you have an EMT cert, are willing to do some additional training and can patrol 16 days during the season, you too can be a volunteer ski patroller. It’s a pretty cool program, I think. For your trouble, you get hooked up with a season pass and some comp (”depot”) passes for friends and family. I qualify as a “friend” in this case. Can you say “bitchin hook up”? She was patrolling the day I went up, but I still got to make a few runs with her. Hopefully I’ll get to ski more at Big Sky later this season, too.

The Yellowstone Club's ski hill - Pioneer MountainA nice shot of Beehive Basin, a popular backcountry areaFan Mountain, with the Tobacco Roots in the distance

It was a really fun ski day, actually. My back hurt more than I would have liked, but it was tolerable if I skied “gingerly”. And best of all, it was a beautiful bluebird day. A few clouds rolled in towards the end of the day, but mostly it was just non-stop epic views. From the top of Lone Peak you can see the Spanish Peaks, the Gallatins, the Madisons, the Tobacco Roots, the Gravelly Range, and basically just loads of beautiful mountains. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took.

The Big Sky tram

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