High Pressure

January 16th, 2009

High pressure cruising

So, I’m a whiner. In the winter I complain that when it’s -20F it’s too cold, and I complain when it’s 50F it’s too warm. Why can’t the entire winter be a nice 20F? And why can’t every day be a powder day? Is that really too much to ask?

January forecast???

Lots of hikers headed up the Saddle Peak ridgeWe are under the painful curse of a high pressure system right now. The weather is always changeable, I know, but watching the thermometer read a balmy 45F while the snow melts in January is hard to stomach. Winter will return, I have faith. It always does (though I fear the day it does not!). But there’s too much grass showing in the valley.

The AbsarokasI keep skiing, of course. Just because it’s not a powder day doesn’t mean I can’t still have some fun up on the ski hill. I imagine this is what the ski season is like for most people anyway. Moguls and hard groomers? I’m just so spoiled by all of our delicious Cold Smoke… *sigh* Even as the sun beat on the snowpack, making the south facing slopes Springtime Crunchy, I had some fun runs this week. Here are the pictures. Hopefully the snow will return though… sooner rather than later.

Airing out of Slushmans Ravine

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