Freshies Come to Bridger

January 8th, 2009

The Bridger Bowl Cloud!

And it’s about time! Not that I ever have a right to complain - ever - after all my years of powder at Targhee and Bridger, but, the snow has missed us compared to some places. There was one 12″ dump over Christmas, and that pretty much all we’ve gotten since Bridger opened. But that changed on Tuesday. The final 3-day tally was 17″ I believe. And it was awesome, just like it always is.

Untracked pow in the Apron

The storm was a classic, text-book “Bridger Bowl Cloud” storm where it’s dumping up at BB but only a few flakes fly in Bozeman. I went to work in the morning without a second thought. It just looked like another gray day. Then I checked the snow report just before I was done at lunch time - 8 inches! By the time I got up there a foot had fallen. The place was socked in, no one was there, and all the hike-to terrain was closed - plus the Bowls! Granted it’s a little hard to entertain yourself when everything is closed like that, but I had a blast anyway. 

Dicks air part 1Dicks air part 2Dicks air part 3

Sick pow line!The main event was the next day - since everything was closed the day before the snow had been allowed to accumulate. Considering it was a Wednesday and lots of MSU students are still out of town for Break, I was impressed by the crowd. They didn’t open Schlasmans, like I hoped, so the Ridge was packed just like the old days. Still lots of fun turns though… just like the old days. :) Alfred and I got first tracks off the side of Widow Maker, found untracked in the Apron, and had a great run down Dicks Dribble. Then… I had to go to work. But to be able to huck and ski powder… and work in the same day??

I love Bridger Bowl.

Tele-air off the side of Widow Maker

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