First Schlasman Lift Ride = Holy Balls

December 22nd, 2008

Riding up Schlasmans

So, I finally got to ride the new Schlasman lift at Bridger Bowl. I’ve been stoked on this thing for a while, but they haven’t been running it very much so I’d yet to ride it. Well, that changed on Monday. And sweet Mary it was awesome. The gnar is out of control. I only managed to ride it three times before they shut it down again, and it was just a flat-light packed-powder day, but still. The new terrain is pretty wild. It terms of in-bounds, lift served terrain I’m going to go ahead and say it: it’s better than Jackson Hole.

Looking South to Mundys Bowl and Saddle PeakView up Slushmans RavineView of Northern shoulder of Saddle - in bounds!

I mean, Jackson Hole is huge, so, by it’s sheer volume J-Hole is still better, but the new Bridger terrain is up there. I’ve skied Jackson more than a few times, including the classics like the Expert Chutes, Alta Chutes, Corbets Couloir, etc. I’m not just spewing unfounded B.S. here. I only got a few pictures of the new slopes in the bad light, but here they are for your inspection. I think as it gets skied and photographed over the winter everyone will see what I mean. It’s epic. Tons of cliffs of all sizes, gullies and trees, chutes, and even some big steep powder slopes. The fall line on the south side of the lift is amazing, and I can’t wait to drop in on a deep day.

Long Chute just to the south of the liftLooking North to Mundys Bowl and SchlasmansCliffs on Schlasmans

I say to you, Bridger Bowl: thank you. It takes balls to put in a lift like this. With great ski terrain comes great liability. Good luck this winter, and may Ullr smile upon all your hard work.

Schlasmans South Face

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3 Responses to “First Schlasman Lift Ride = Holy Balls”

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