The Crazy Mountains

December 11th, 2008

Point 10,437 and the Twin Lakes basin

Today a couple of friends (and a pooch) and I went up for a tour in the Crazy Mountains. I went in to this unique little range once last year, but it was socked in and I never got a view of the peaks. Today was beautiful however, and I got a good look at the rock. We had an early start in the dark at 6AM and got to the trailhead by sunrise. Sadly the wind had scoured off a lot of the early season snow and the lines we wanted on Big Timber Peak were no-gos, but we skied some fun little tree lines where the powder was protected from the wind, and had a great time. The highlight of the day for me was when we reached our high point and spotted some sickter couloirs above the Twin Lakes. They weren’t in the cards today, but I can’t wait to get back up in here to shralp them.

Some sweet couloirs we found

Skinning up Big Timber CreekTouring in the Crazy MountainsAn old rail car bridge over Big Timber CreekDawn hits the CraziesPoint 10,437 and Crazy Peak in the background on the leftJack the powderhound

Tele turns in the Crazies

Big Timber Peak

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3 Responses to “The Crazy Mountains”

  1. Good eve,
    some buds and i are looking for an overnight tour next weekend. i’m trying to figure out if there are any reasonable approaches in the crazys for such a short sojourn. we won’t be using a sled. got any advice? i’m up in missoula, and our snow is great, but i’m trying to find something closer to bozo as a bro is coming up from laramie. hope yer well…..

  2. I’ve only gone in from the Big Timber Road side (the Boulder trailhead I think?) in the winter. It was pretty short though, we just did a day tour. Should be fine for an overnight. It’s a little long if you can’t drive all the way in to the trailhead, but it’s probably still the shortest winter approach even then.

    Have fun, and be safe with this year’s snow pack!

  3. hey man, i noticed you don’t have the Bear-tooth wilderness on here! I strongly recommend you get down their, lots of fishing and between you and i (and everyone else that reads this) you gotta get to frenco lake, its the only self sustaining lake filled with yellowstone cuts in the west rosebud drainage!

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