Winter Returns

December 3rd, 2008

Bridger Bowl Cloud (BBC)

So, it seems winter has returned. w00t w00t!! It started snowing on Tuesday (the day I had to drive to Billings, of course). After trying everyone I knew that night, the only people I found who were heading up to Bridger to check out the pow were leaving at 6AM. I wanted to go though, so I sacked up and set the alarm. It didn’t go off of course (the old am-pm mess up… *sigh*) and I woke up with that “late” feeling at 5:47. I rushed over to the meeting spot but missed them by about five minutes. Not really wanting to go skiing in the dark anyway I headed home and got some work done. At the more reasonable hour of 1pm I still hadn’t found anyone to go riding with, but I couldn’t take it any more and headed up alone. Not the best backcountry etiquette, but it’s Bridger Bowl. There were tons of people there, and the snow is pretty stable still.

Early season-Bridger slasher

It was aaaawesome! There was a solid foot of fresh. I enjoyed a couple laps on the Fingers, and headed home to plot tomorrow’s ski day. :)

Nope. No one around here likes to ski.Snowy treesWinter is back!

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