First Bridger Bowl Turns

November 14th, 2008

Steve dropping into the Fingers

Gearing up at the Bridger trailheadPierre's Knob at BridgerA whole month after all that crazy snow I skied back in October and I’m finally out touring again. Things just got warm up here in Montana and there wasn’t much skiing to be had! The last few days brought in some precipitation though, and Steve and I headed up to Bridger Bowl to see how things were coming along. We got up there late and only got one lap in, but I was impressed. I hope to make some more turns tomorrow! The thing about the snow cover was that even though it was real thin… it was really heavy and thick. It was kind of like man-made snow. If there was even just an inch covering the rocks then you’d ski right over them, unscathed. It must have rained up there. So there was no powder (more like dust-on-crust) but we didn’t hit any rocks. Kind cool, kinda weird. I hope this makes for a good base layer?? Just hold the surface hoar, please.

Here’s a little peek at the new Schlasman lift:

New Schlasman terrain at Bridger Bowl

And some shots of the mountains surrounding the Bridger Range:

Skinning up with the Absarokas in the distance

Alpenglow off on the Crazy Mountains

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  1. [...] Evan and Steve are salvaging good turns up at the still closed Bridger Bowl, in spite of thin cover. And, of course, lots of people are scrambling up to the higher elevations of the Tetons. [...]

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