Montana Ski Resort News

November 11th, 2008

I noticed two interesting news tidbits about Montana ski resorts today via The first item that caught my eye (especially since I was trying to get a job there) is that the Yellowstone Club is filing for bankruptcy. For those who don’t know, the Yellowstone Club is a private ski resort in Big Sky, Montana. It’s a little infamous around here because, well, it’s a private ski resort. It’s not a small one either (trailmap), boasting a 2,700′ vertical rise, 2,200 acres and eight lifts - four of which are high-speed quads! And you must be a member to ski it. “Private Powder”. One of the requirements for membership is building a $1 million home at the Club (legend has it, at least). It’s ultra-rich and famous members include Warren Miller, Bill Gates and Dan Quayle. Infamous indeed.

And it’s going bankrupt?

The tragedy here isn’t for the scandal-ridden Blixseths of course, or the members of this exclusive club who probably only visit one week a year anyway. For as much flak as everyone gives the club, I learned today that they employ around 600 people. That would be a big hit to the local economy. Some of my friends work there. There’s a certain satisfaction for us ski bums in watching the Club have troubles like this… until “us ski bums” all get laid off. More info here and here.

On a more positive note I learned about the proposed Bitterroot Resort today as well. The new resort is near Lolo, MT and has passed another of the many, many hurdles towards Forest Service approval. NewWest has more info here, and the Bitterroot site has all of the past approval news. The whole thing sounds awesome to me. Granted, there are still plenty of resorts in Montana I’ve never skiied at, but for some reason the idea of a new one is still exciting. More ski and mountain bike terrain sounds like a good thing to me. The project has a nice environmental angle too - although it probably has to if it hopes to be approved.

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