Montana Cyclocross and (unrelated) Giddy Up Ale.

October 29th, 2008

Two unrelated topics in one post! First, a cyclocross video from a recent race in Montana:

Herron Park Cyclocross from Off the Grind on Vimeo.

Bitchin! I have only just recently heard about this “cyclocross” thing, and I have to say, I’m intrigued. I first ran across it on Dave Byers blog, which is where I found this video too. I think I have, of course, heard of this kind of bike racing but it never really registered until now I guess. I’m not much for road biking in general, and I’ve only done one mountain bike race, but for some reason this really looks like something I want to get into. Of course I’ll have to find out more, get a bike, see how much it hurts my ‘taint to do those running leaps onto the saddle, etc… but I’ll be watching this sport with interest in the mean time. The Montana Cyclocross website has more information:

Giddy Up Beer Label

My second topic: New Belgium’s new Giddy Up ale. New Belgium is a microbrewery (do they still qualify as “micro”??) out of Fort Collins, CO. You might have heard of a little beer they brew called Fat Tire, if you drink beer at all out West. Anyway they brew a wide variety of other beers mostly based around Belgian styles, and all of them are delicious, my favorite being 1554. They do some fun seasonal and limited-release beers and while we don’t have much access to them in Montana occasionally they show up in the “Folly Pack” sampler 12ers. Recent limited beers included in the Packs have been Mighty Arrow (a Pale!) and Old Cherry. Then today I noticed a new one: Giddy Up! The tagline was startling: “Ale brewed with Lemon Peel and infused with Espresso”. Woah. So I bought it (the other beers in the Pack are great too). Despite the bold ingredients just daring the brew to be awful… it was quite tasty. More of a subtle coffee flavor than some coffee beers, and the Lemon just served to take some of the bitter edge off. Smooth and drinkable, all told. The label is funny though - a rooster on a horse - so I had to look up the beer on the New Belgium blog. Turns out there’s a pretty hilarious story behind it. A brief excerpt:

From: Melyssa Glassman
I like Giddy Up, too. While the coffee/espresso references immediately take me to a darker brew, it’s the obvious place to be. So, here are some name ideas that work towards the actual red color within a coffee sort of way:

Red Roast
Red Alert
Belgian Blend
Red Rooster

I like the Rooster idea because they wake you up, they’re red, it’s a fun image and fun to say. It could be Red Rooster, The Rooster, Rooster Ale…etc.

From: Greg Owsley

So, I was liking Red Rooster Ale. But, sigh, a quick google revealed 3 (!) RR ales already in business.
Giddy Up is it? Imagery?
What about a red rooster?

From: Bryan Simpson
What about a red rooster? Riding a horse.

From: Jodi Taylor

I don’t know if you’re kidding but I like it. Anne did a good job painting Arrow the dog.

Read the full post here. It’s an interesting glimpse into the beer industry and the *ahem* science behind it’s brilliant marketing. :)

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4 Responses to “Montana Cyclocross and (unrelated) Giddy Up Ale.”

  1. There was another good race on the 18th in Victor, Idaho. Pretty handy for people splitting their time between Montana and Idaho. Info at:

  2. thanks for the heads up on the Teton Valley cyclocross scene! I wish I’d heard about this stuff a month earlier so I could have checked it out. next year, then. cheers!

  3. Niels Albert is the best cyclocrosser of the moment. I saw him ride in Overijse last weekend!

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