Joshua Tree

September 30th, 2008

Glorious day in the desert

The Cholla cactus garden in J-TreeJoshua Tree blew me away. Such a wild landscape! The world of Dr Seuss embodied in living color! So trippy. I got to J-Tree late and camped outside the park, entering on the South side early the next day. The southern part of the park is just rolling hills which made me wonder about the rock climbing I’d heard so much about. It was beautiful though, the Yucca plants all around giving it a cool aesthetic. The coolest thing I stopped at was the Cholla cactus garden. The Cholla is a wild looking plant to begin with, spiny as hell and black at the bottom transitioning to almost white at the top. A whole “garden” of the things seals the deal. The pictures pretty much take themselves.

Endless rocks at Joshua TreeCloser to the North entrance by the town of Joshua Tree I got to the rocks. And the actual Joshua Trees. I’d done a little online research and headed to the Ryan Campground to do a little bouldering. There were some fun problems for me and I enjoyed killing a couple of hours there. Then I roamed around, taking pictures of the crazy trees and cacti, and went on a short hike to an old dam left over from when Joshua Tree was ranched (more rain used to fall than does now). I tried to boulder a few other places too, with less success than at Ryan. Then I wanted to get to Deep Creek Hot Springs for the night so I bounced from J-Tree a little before dinner time, spending one whole day there. I’d love to go back with some climbing partners and work the real routes! But the bouldering was fun too. And the photography was awesome, so mostly this a photo-blog post. :)

YuccaInto the smog towards the Salton SeaBouldering by the Ryan Campground

Purple prickly pear??Desert flowersIdyllic Joshua Tree scene

An OcotilloWaaaay over saturatedJoshua Tree bouldering

Paint vandalized petroglyphsCholla cactus flowerUber-red cacti

Storm brewingBarrel cactus, I thinkSkull rock

A Joshua Tree, in Joshua Tree

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