So-Cal: San Diego and Los Angeles

September 29th, 2008

Sun blotches on the Pacific

Bluff reflection at Blacks BeachAfter fleeing from Mexico in the night was actually ended up at a pretty cool party in San Diego. There was a live hip-hop group who were pretty good and generally the scene was chilled out. Sadly, Graham and I were totally exhausted and didn’t have the energy to even try and catch up with the rest of the party. We passed out a little early and woke up getting our pictures taken… Black's Beachas would happen at a Freshman party. Meh. We bailed out of there, got some awesome Mexican food, then chilled with our other Montana friends on the San Diego beaches. I’m not much a beach guy, but I was tired so I thought it would be nice to relax… but it was kind of cloudy and chilly on the beach. I watched Graham surf a little (deciding I was too cold to try to learn that day myself) then just hung out. While hanging out we noticed we were on a clothing-optional beach. So, we hung out and watched fat old guys wander around naked. All part of the Cali experience I think. Back at Graham’s that night we watched Planet Earth on his roommate’s HDTV.

Graham struggling on the tiny surf

downtown Los AngelesThe next day Graham had to work so I decided to check out LA, since, well, I was in LA. I really like modern art museums and since there are none in Montana I didn’t want to waste this opportunity and headed to the MOCA. I was a little nervous about driving around LA, for obvious reasons. Small town kid in the big city. But was doing fine, the old van was clanking around town spewing smoke with no problems. Then, just outside the museum, traffic came to an abrupt halt and I hit the brakes hard. And the guy behind me smacked into my back end. My The f-ing Mirror Guyfirst day really driving around America’s biggest car-city and I get rear-ended. *sigh*. My first accident! It was really minor, but the van’s bumper got bent down a couple of inches and we exchanged insurance information. Then I went to the museum. It was fine and good (I’ve seen better) but what I’ll remember from the museum is not the art but the Mirror guy. It started as a tinkling sound and I figured there was some strange multi-media exhibit I’d yet to see, deeper in the museum. Then, around the corner, came a man in a mirror suit. Check out the picture. It was a mirror suit. He was completely covered in triangular shards of mirrors, even his face and hat. It was crazy. Apparently he was just another guy, checking out the art museum like me. But in a mirror suit. Ahh the big city.

Beverly Hills, that's where I want to beAfter the MOCA I decided to check out famous areas of LA, like Malibu and Beverly Hills (not Compton though…). I made it out to Malibu and played around on the beach for a while. As far as I can tell it really is just a few houses perched foolishly on the beach and I wasn’t sure what else to do there. I took pictures of starfish and pelicans and called it good. On my way back to Graham’s I thought it would be cool to roll down Sunset Boulevard, and check out Hollywood too. Things were going well, and I was jiving on the LA scene and all the rich people in Beverly Hills, when Crash Vandecoot stalled. In heavy traffic. On Santa Monica Boulevard. I literally had to push the van out of traffic, with cars honking at me angrily. Eventually the van started again and even made it back to Graham’s, but the whole day was a little hair-raising for me. It was funny, too, I called Graham to figure out the best way to get home without getting the Interstate and when he Google mapped me he said “Huh, you broke down in Beverly Hills 90210!”. Heh. I did still get to see the Hollywood sign and the stars on the sidewalk though. :) I’d had my fill of LA by this point, and after one more relaxing night (at a pretty cool bar) I set out to escape from the big city to Joshua Tree the next day.

Here are my favorite Malibu beach pictures:

Surf surf revolutionMalibuMalibu barnacles

Star fish!Me and a Malibu GullA wave of swarming beach bugs

Sea anemone!A diving pelican

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