Mount Rainier

September 18th, 2008

I present to you... Rainier!

Pretty meadows on RainierMy next stop after Seattle was the Cascade Mountains. I was really excited to check out the towering volcanoes and huge trees, so different from the Rockies. Rainier is the King volcano so I had to check it out up close. Some day I will climb it in my quest for the Flowers by Paradise on RainierHigh Points (and because it’s awesome), but this is not for this trip. It would have been a good day, actually, since the weather was beautiful. But I’m traveling alone and I think Rainier is a big thing to bite off anyhow. I do want to climb a volcano, but that volcano will be the easier Mount Adams. So for my visit to Rainier National Park I just ran around the easy visitor trails and took a bunch of pictures. It was actually really fun since the weather was so nice and I took some sweet pictures (in my opinion). Plus, I really did run, so it was fun to blast by the tourists. Since I didn’t actually do anything besides take pictures… here are the pictures.

The Cascades by RainierA coyote on RainierMe and Rainier

Red and greenSmoke on the CascadesFoothills around Rainier

Pretty sketchy...Oregon is burning

The belly on this marmot kills me

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