Back on the Road - Bozeman to Seattle

September 14th, 2008

The Life

I’m back on the road! Things are moving kind of fast and I’ve not had time to keep the blog updated very well but here’s an attempt. Mostly my problem is that I’m working on the United States Ski Mountaineering Association’s website and it’s taking up all my coffee shop time. Anyway, a brief recap of the events so far:

Skinnydipper hot springI bounced home to Driggs for a day after the wedding. I picked up my friend Martha who needed a ride to Seattle, and we set out. We visited some friends in Boise, had a fun night of drinking with them, and stopped up at Skinnydipper hot spring on our way out of town. Skinnydipper is great because it’s really close to Boise, it’s a super short (if steep) hike, and has two awesome pools with full-on hot and cold plumbing to adjust the pool temperature. It’s unreal. :)

Bare habitatRelaxing in the hot spring

The hot and cold plumbingBare habitat indeed

A little folf at WhitmanMartha attended school at Whitman in Walla Walla, WA so we dropped in there to visit some people, including her sister. The weather was great and we enjoyed hitting up the thrift stores, taco wagons, sweet shops, bars, and the farmers market (so much crazy-good fruit and produce!). The taco wagons were the total highlight. I The magic of private school donorstried a tongue taco and the “Walla”. The tongue taco is not for the faint of heart (it features cow taste buds) but the Walla is chicken with cheese and Walla Walla onions and is to die for. The thriftshops held a surprise as well: I absent-mindedly and very nerdily picked up a copy of Frank Herbert’s (Dune) Dosadi Experiment noticing that it was a hardback. You are actually allowed to do thisOpening it up I saw it was a first edition from the 50s… and signed by Herbert himself the year it was published! $.70. I hope to turn it around for a little profit on eBay (since I already own the paperback). Finally we played some folf and slacklined on the Whitman campus and I was blown away by what a different demographic attends private liberal art schools compared to MSU. I kind of regret the last five years of my life, I’m not going to lie. My biology tells me the skiing just wasn’t worth it. Ahh the sacrifices we make for sports and the mountains. Next stop: Seattle!

Sweet carrots in Walla Walla

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