Scattered showers with a chance of winter

September 8th, 2008

Hyalite canyon snow storm

Montana cowboy weddingThis past weekend I attended a wedding in Bozeman. I stayed a couple of days on either side to see my friends, some of which flew in just for the wedding because we’ve all known the couple since our freshman year at MSU. It was actually quite a reunion, I hadn’t partied with some of them in years. This is a good thing in some cases and I hope it’s many years before I One of the many waterfalls up Hyaliteparty with them again, but for the most part it was exciting and fun… a little time travel back to the early years of college. The wedding was “cowboy casual” and I would be more likely to describe my current physical (and mental) appearance as “poseur hippie”… but I knew and they knew that was how it was going to be, so it was fine. Really, the black jeans and cowboy hats were pretty snazzy. My only complaint is that I thought after graduating from high school I’d never have to hear “cotton eye joe” at a dance again… and I thought wrong.

Another hyalite waterfallWhat was exciting for me was my hike up towards Hyalite Peak the day before. September blizzard! Miraculously the storms let up for the wedding, but Bozeman was cold and rainy the whole weekend and that meant snow at the higher elevations. It snowed almost 2 inches on me! Unfortunately this shut down my attempt at Hyalite Peak (which I have still never climbed for some reason), but I enjoyed myself building a snowman. My plan was to get my September ski day in on Sunday after the wedding so this storm might have meant some powder skiing, but I couldn’t get my act together after the open bar so skiing didn’t happen. I have to bring my skis along on the road trip now. September day on Mount Shasta perhaps?

Looks like the end for these guysSweet sweet snowThe Laser, filling in again

Animals using the people bridgeWhich brings me to my current trip planning: I’m leaving on Sept 10th and returning some time around Oct 18th. The itinerary is something like Boise, Walla Walla, Seattle, the Cascade Range, Portland, Crater Lake, Shasta, San Fran, Yosemite, Boundary Peak, Bishop, Mount Whitney, bike race in Mexico, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Humphreys Peak, Natural Bridges National Monument, Moab, Vegas. Wow. And I hope to blog all about it here, of course. :)

Snowman is ready for winter

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