Bridger Bowl’s Future of Awesomeness

September 2nd, 2008

So I was pricing Bridger Bowl’s passes this year and noticed the Picture of the Day. It made me very happy:

Chopper at Bridger working on the Schlasman lift

For those not in the know, Bridger Bowl is putting a new lift this year that will serve 1,700′ of the Slushman’s terrain between Pierre’s Knob and Saddle Peak to the south of the mountain. It’s the old Peruvian lift from Snowbird, but we will know it as “Schlasmans”. “Schlasman” and not “Slushman” you ask? I did too, and Bridger Bowl’s website provided the answers. The area was originally named after P.B. Schlasman, a German miner who was one of the first avalanche fatalities in the Bridger Range way back on February 10th 1885. (Interestingly, this is exactly 100 years prior to my birth: February 10, 1985. The world is a strange and wondrous place indeed.) Basically, the lift is going to kick ass. It’ll be the tallest lift (more vert than the Bridger lift), it stops just 100′ short of the Ridge (oh-so-much-closer to “Disneyland”), it accesses some seriously sick terrain anyway, and it’s “backcountry access” only meaning you need to have a shovel and beacon just like the Ridge. Considering that all the lifts except Pierre’s Knob and Bridger serve very mild terrain the new Schlasman lift basically makes Bridger Bowl twice as awesome as it was before. Check out the new map, and get ready for the radness:

New 08-09 Bridger Bowl trail map

More info:

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