Huckleberry Fields Forever

August 28th, 2008

Nature's candy

And the only prescription, is more huckleberries!A classic and rewarding past time in Teton Valley this time of year is berry picking. The local cowboys do it, and the imported hippies do it. The mountains around here are covered thick in huckleberry bushes and this tiny relative to the blueberry is a firm part of the local culture. As far as I know no one grows them as an industrial crop, so everything using huckleberries from the tourist-targeted jams to the delicious shakes at the Victor Emporium is the result of long hard days of picking in the mountains. And it is hard work. It’s fun to return to our ancestral ways for a short while and forage Huckleberry gorefor food in the woods, but it doesn’t take too long before a renewed appreciation for modern agriculture takes hold. Also, you are in direct competition with the neighborhood bears for this wild seasonal candy. I’ve yet to have an encounter, but they happen. My plan for the berries I picked? I’ve had my fill of milkshakes now (finally), so I’m saving the rest for a huckleberry homebrew. Hours of tedious picking were needed to aquire the neccessary amount so I’m a little apprehensive… it’d be a shame to screw it up! But it’ll be an epic brew if I get it right…

Oh yeah, and we have sweet sunsets out West

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