The Broulims Warehouse Bluegrass Sessions

August 8th, 2008

The Broulims Warehouse Bluegrass Sessions

So Driggs has an outdoor summer concert series. On Thursday evenings. Also, a common weather pattern in Teton Valley is afternoon thundershowers. It was only a matter of time before Music on Main was rained out. And boy was it ever rained out this Thursday! A magnificent, apocalyptic thunderhead rolled up from the southwest as the opening act, One Ton Pig, played. I had been out floating the river so I didn’t get there until 8 when the second act, the “Targhee Bluegrass Allstars”, was supposed to start. It was already starting to rain, and lightening cracked and arced across the black sky. Most people were leaving, but a few stayed under the Community Center awning to continue to drink beer. I had just gotten there, so I stayed and socialized and watched the lightening. After almost an hour there was a still a crowd under the shelter when  the doors to the Community Center opened…

This would not seem unusual, but the hulking “Community Center” is the old Broulims grocery store and it remains mostly unfinished inside as they slowly re-purpose it. It’s the size of an aircraft hanger, and completely empty. Apparently, the band was going to play a small “unplugged” show inside! It was a memorable and awesome concert. There was plenty of room for everyone (clearly), but the acoustics were awful and there was no amplification so the crowd had to stay hushed. Every once in a while someone new would show up yelling, not realizing the scene yet, and would be quickly upbraided. It was hilarious. The show was sweet though; the “Allstars” tore it up. There were nine of them I think, mostly from different bands but playing together since they were all in town to teach a blugrass camp offered in conjunction with the Targhee Bluegrass Festival this weekend. I didn’t have my proper camera with me, so the picture is from my cellphone (yuk). The sunset cellphone picture is from the 5th street disc golf course -a bonus since I was already messing with my phone.

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