Summer Music in Driggs

July 22nd, 2008

The New Mastersounds in Driggs

Music on Main in DriggsGood old Teton Valley has surprised me with some awesome music already this summer. First with their 3rd Annual Music on Main series, which brought in the New Mastersounds on Thursday. These guys were funky delicious. SO good. It was a rocking, Teton Brewing-fueled party in from of the stage as night fell in Driggs. If you ever get a chance to see them, DO.

More Targhee FestThen, this past weekend was Targhee Fest. As I mentioned before, I had won a weekend ticket to Targhee Fest at a randonee race this past winter. I almost didn’t use the ticket, but I’m glad I did now. Actually, I almost couldn’t use my ticket. My voucher for the ticket said to get it “prior to arriving at the festival”. What they should have written was “before the festival begins”. Apparently they corrected it on other vouchers, but not mine. The reason is that you need to go up the Emmylou Harris at Targhee FestActivity Center at Grand Targhee to get your ticket, but you can’t get up to Grand Targhee without a ticket after the festival has started. You need a ticket to get a ticket. Classic catch-22. Anyway I headed up after the festival had started on Friday and got turned away. Pissed, I spent some time on the phone Saturday morning and ended up having to get a friend to take my voucher up to Targhee to prove my it was miss-worded. In the end, I got my ticket but I missed a day of the festival. Fortunately, no bands I particularly wanted to see were playing in Friday.

Taj Mahal at TargheeIn all my years in Teton Valley I had never gone up to the Bluegrass Festival and so had never had the Targhee festival experience. It’s actually a pretty nice setup. They have the bunny-hill nicely grassed-out and it’s a perfect slope towards the stage. There’s pretty decent food, good Teton beer and an all around nice vibe. Kind of a lot of police, but we’re a nice Mormon community so you gotta keep the freaks in check I guess. :P The highlights of the show for me were Taj Mahal and Josh Ritter. Josh Ritter at Targhee FestI was actually a little disappointed with Taj… not sure why. Perhaps it was the wierd voice he’s taken to using off and on, which is not on his albums. He played “Loving in my baby’s eyes” though, so it was all good. And Josh Ritter puts on a very energetic live show which lived up to all the hype my friends had given it. I really like some of his new stuff, like “Mind’s Eye” and “Rumors”. Very funky. My new discovery from the Fest was Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Very good as well. All in all it was a great time. I can’t wait to see what other music awaits me this summer!

Targhee Fest crowd

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