Summertime in Driggs == Livin’ Easy

July 12th, 2008

New Lot Teton View

So, I was really hoping to keep up on my Alaska blog entries while in Alaska. Then I was hoping to just quickly fill in the blog entries from my trip when I got back. Now… I’m still planning on finishing them, but not necessarily in order. I’m too busy! I’ve had a lot of webpage work to do, and a lot of fun outdoor activities to do as well. Life is tough. :) So, while I continue to plug away on the Alaska blog and post-date it, here’s a brief update to the olde blag about what I’ve been up to since Alaska, and what I have planned next.

After almost 40 days of camping - like, in a tent on the ground - I was so excited to be back in Bozeman and sleep on beds that I went camping my first weekend back, June 28th. :) I went with my buddy Drew (not sick of him either apparently) and three of our friends up to ski “the Blaze” in the northern Madisons. Blaze Mountain is home to a very nice 2000′ streak of snow that skis long into the summer months. It’s about 6 miles in from the trailhead on a nice trail, and there’s a nice lake to camp at by the bottom of the mountain. I hear the fishing is good there, but not this time (theories included “they are spawning” and “the lake is turning”). Because we had such a late snow in the middle of June we were actually able to ski about 2500′. Even though I had done a run on Thompson Pass in Alaska on June 1st I was happy to get a more legitimate ski run later in June. Overall it was pretty uneventful - just a big fun ski line in June. The only excitement was fording the raging streams which had washed out their bridges

The next weekend, July 4th, we did another ski trip, this time in the southern Madisons. Because of the group’s work schedules two of us drove down to the trailhead by Hebgen Lake Friday the 4th and hiked in during the day… and the other two (including Drew) came down at midnight and hiked through the night to meet us in the morning. Grueling, but you do what you gotta do I guess. We hiked and skied Echo Peak the first day, then camped a second night and skied Imp Peak the next day. Both peaks are on that main ridge system in the Madisons and are over 11,000′. For July, there was a lot of snow. Everywhere over 8500′ we were able to get around on skins. July! This was a really fun trip (stained only by a rather rowdy disagreement about wilderness ethics) and my first time skiing in July! I think this is the year I will ski every month, since I’m already up to July. There’s so much snow the Blaze will be skiing in August for sure, and probably September just in case we don’t get an early storm. I just can’t wait until I get my new Dynafit ski setup to shave off probably 10lbs from my summer approach pack.

After these two trips I continued south to Driggs, my hometown. I plan on going to California and elsewhere still, but first I need to recharge and make some that Internet money. So here I sit for a while. It’s actually been a really great first week, so I’m excited. I’m re-discovering what a fun town Driggs is to play in. There are so many great mountain bike trails! The mountaineering and hiking in the Tetons is phenomenal too , of course, and there’s even a good share of cultural thing to do these days. Driggs even has a “Music on Main” program now, like Bozeman. I’m especially excited for Targhee Fest. I had won a weekend ticket to Targhee Test at the randonee race they held this winter, and had planned on being away so I tried to sell my ticket. But… I failed to sell my ticket and I’m here for it now, so, three days of free music for me! I’m excited to see Taj Mahal and also a favorite amongst my Bozeman friends: Josh Ritter. It should be a lot of fun.

And after that? Assuming my Internet moneys go well I will head down to Cali, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, etc in September probably. It’ll be cooler then anyway. Until then I have a lot of Driggs left to re-discover!

P.S.  I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I have yet to procure a new camera. Soon!

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  1. Hope you can make it down to Cali before I leave, jealous that you get to see Ritter this summer

  2. [...] staples of summer skiing in Bozeman are the Great One on Sac (early season), the Blaze mountain in the Northern Madisons (pretty much all summer), and I think there are some other spots [...]

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