Central, AK Part 2

June 14th, 2008

Birch Creek from the air

Circle hot springsWe spent one more day with the Tyrrells, enjoying the local hot spring, more home cooked wild game, and a short flight in one of their bush planes, the Piper 12 which just have new 31-inch Bushwheels put on it. We flew out to Circle, I peed in the giant Yukon river, then we flew back (circling a few moose) for about an hour long flight in total. In all my years as Luke’s roommate I’d never been flying with him, so it was fun - especially in his home element. Sadly I seem to have lost some of the Luke, our pilotpictures of the flight and the Yukon, but so it goes. It was really awesome to see Alaska from the air, which all of a sudden made the remote villages without roads seem so much closer and more accessible. 3/4 of the state is roadless, so it’s nice to get an appreciation for how the state “shrinks” with an airplane. It was a fine way to finish out our ultimate interior experience, and marked the beginning of the end of our great Alaskan trip.

Odd lighting from the blue plexiglassAerial view of the interior of Alaska

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