The Denali Highway

June 2nd, 2008

The Denali Hwy stretches out

The Denali Highway is best spoken of through pictures. It’s gorgous and - at this time of year - competely deserted. We had heard the road was not maintained and might be a difficult drive, but this is simply not true. Like all dirt roads in Alaska it was impeccable, a far cry from the trails that pass for roads in Montana. We wanted to go canoeing on the Tangle Lakes, but they were still covered in ice. We also found a nice BLM pamphlet that described all of the trails in the area for hiking or biking, but they were swampy and snowy as well. So we just drove, did one night of camping, and climbed on small peak just off the road. All in all it was a nice, peacful time with tremendous views into the central Alaska Range.

Blooming alpine flowersWooly lousewort

Drew climbing above the Denali HighwayMt. Deborah et al in the Alaska Range

Some flowers on the Denali HighwayThe Alaska Range from Denali Highway

View of clouds, er... Denali.The Denali Highway

Camping on the Denali Highway

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