And, we’re off!

May 13th, 2008

Mustering in Great Falls

So, we’ve actually been on the road more than a week now, but I’m going to make some retro-active posts about the journey now that I finally have some time. We left Bozeman on Tuesday the 13th to stay one night at Drew’s Mom’s house in Great Falls. We bought gear and food there and headed out the next day. By fortuitous coincidence we happened to be in Great Falls at the same time as some of Drew’s family friends from Alaska. They told us the usual series of crazy Alaska stories and gave us tips and more importantly introduced us to “The Milepost”. I had not even heard of the Milepost beforeThe Alcan goes ever on... and would have driven up to AK alone without the “Bible of North Country Travel”. The Milepost is, for others out of the know, a thick book that documents all the roads in Alaska and many of the roads through Canada on the way. We followed the Alaskan “Alcan” Highway up, and the book covers every trashcan and pullout along the way. It also provides information about attractions in the towns on the road and other places to stop. Honestly, things like the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake probably would have been more exciting to discover than know about ahead of time, but it’s a good way to make sure you don’t miss anything. Every visitor center, information post, museum and state park is listed. Also, all of the places advertising in the Milepost are listed… but ads are a way of life now so it wasn’t too annoying. Now armed with the Milepost and incredible stories about life in the arctic we set out on the open road for Alaska.

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