Jackson Hole, Hillclimb and Michael Franti

April 23rd, 2008

Alec with Cody Peak at Jackson Hole

I thought I would take a moment to recap my last weekend at Jackson Hole this year. Sadly I had to be back in Bozeman for Gaper Fools day this year, but it was still a lot of fun, and the fact that Michael Franti played the closing Mountain Fest concert instead of the Wreckers (ug) more than made up for it. The whole year at Jackson, as you may know, was incredible. I got one of the 6-Day college passes they offer up at MSU, and all but one of my ski days were deep. Jackson got more than twice the amount of snow they did the year before. And you could tell. Probably my favorite discovery was the Crags - affectionately known as “Super Mario Land” by the locals because of all the airs and drops. Below are a few pictures select pictures from J-Hole (also featuring the Hill Climb and Michael Franti).

Alec Making the Drop in Horseshoe at J-HolePowder Morning J-Hole Gondy LineSteve Going Big at JacksonSteve on the Hollywood Cliffs at J-HoleThunder Lift at J-HoleSteve in the Powder at Four PinesMichael FrantiSlednecks at the Hill Climb

End of the day at Jackson

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