First post!

March 25th, 2008

In preparation for the rather epic road trip I am planning, I am starting a blog. One would think an internet-person like myself would have had a blog long ago, but until now I always felt like a blog was an indulgence of the ego I didn’t deserve. Who would want to read my blog anyway? They always joke that %99 of all blogs are only read by the bloggers mother. Well, my Mom (and Dad) wish I emailed them more often anyway so yes, if nothing else this is for her. But I have an ulterior motive or two. Not only are there lots of blogs that I enjoy reading which I think I could at least match for interesting content, but often times when planning and researching a trip random blogs that come up on Google turn out to be good resources. So this is for my Mom and the lone Google searcher looking for pictures Roger’s Pass, which my blog will have. The internet: the longest tail of them all. And since nothing that goes on the inter-tubes goes away anymore, I’ll be able to find this blog in my old age and look back on my various adventures nostalgically. That will be nice.

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